Family Futures (Also known as Newpin)

Family Futures is designed to help break the cycle of abuse and neglect for parents whilst building strong and healthy relationships within families. It’s an outreach program which focuses on parenting skills and the importance of bonding and attachment between a parent and child.  The program is flexible and tailored to the needs of each individual family.

We can connect families with other services such as health care providers and social support services to ensure the assistance they require is available when it’s needed.  We also offer some opportunities for families to meet together and build peer support networks.



Who this service is for

Family Futures is funded by the Department of Education, Children, Youth and Parenting, through the Early Years Support funding.  There is no cost to families to participate, however there must be at least one child in the family under the age of 5.

IFSS can be accessed by families who are referred via Strong Families, Safe Kids on 1800 000 123. The team who answer your call will support your referral.  You can ask specifically to be referred to the Family Futures program, if you are in the North, South East or South West of Tasmania.


No cost

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 9.30-4.30

How this service is delivered

  • Call or visit us online

    Contact us or see our website for more information.

  • We'll come to you (outreach)

    We deliver a flexible, yet tailored program that supports families in the Northern and Southern regions of Tasmania.

Updated: 11/10/2023

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