STeP123 Literacy program

What are the three steps in STeP123?

1. Assess

Determining literacy needs and interests through observation and practical exercises. STeP123 and The Salvation Army recognise that we need to determine a person’s literacy needs and interests in order to understand and meet their wider needs. We advocate achieving this through observation and practical exercises. The assessment tools we have created have been designed to give workers a broad awareness of someone’s literacy needs and how this might affect their everyday life. The assessment has an observational component, practical exercises, and a self-assessment section.

2. Engage

Invitation to participate in programs or to use resources within The Salvation Army. STeP123 and The Salvation Army invite clients to participate in programs or to use any resources on this site. The programs offered by STeP123 offer learning situations that are meaningful and relevant to the participants everyday lives. Authentic situations are incorporated into the programs to make them meaningful for participants. All levels of literacy are catered for in a safe and creative environment.

3. Refer

Offering appropriate programs or learning opportunities outside of The Salvation Army. Some clients may be referred to literacy providers and other programs outside The Salvation Army for individual tutoring, while others may be ready for group learning.”

How this service is delivered

  • Face-to-face

    This service is offered statewide.

  • Call or visit us online

    Contact us for further details

Updated: 28/04/2022