Healthy Tasmania

Hi, we’re Healthy Tasmania. It’s VERY nice to meet you, we’re so glad you want to get to know us a little better.

We started Healthy Tasmania in 2016 because we know there are many people, like you, who want to help improve the health, social and economic outcomes of Tasmanians to make our communities thrive.

We also know that developing the right project, finding the right people, finding enough money and achieving the right outcome is a difficult task. With years of experience designing programs, engaging and consulting with community members, creating partnerships, sharing promotional stories and evaluating results, we’ve built up a basket full of skills and network of brilliant people that we’ll pull together to help you achieve your specific needs.

We identify the need, build the right team, find the money and solve the problem; this is the essence of Healthy Tasmania.

AND we work with communities across Tasmania.

Contact us for further information.

Updated: 05/05/2022