Healthy QUIT

Based on the evidence of what works, Healthy QUIT has three key elements:
1. QUIT Survey – identifying how many people smoke in your organisation or community group and who is ready to QUIT.

2. QUIT Program (7 weeks, 60 minute sessions)
- 'Quit Chat' training
- Brief intervention conversations
- Understanding nicotine addiction
- Physical activity
- Stress management
- Respectful relationships
- Healthy eating
- Mindfulness/relaxation

3. Individual QUIT smoking strategies
- Carbon monoxide monitoring
- FREE counselling
- FREE nicotine replacement therapy or quitting medication
- Financial reward for program completion

General information
- Schedule adapted to meet the needs of each group
- Hands-on, creative and interactive sessions
- Delivered by a local Tasmanian company in partnership with multiple community partners
- This innovative program achieved a 64% short-term quit rate during the pilot phase

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Healthy QUIT

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Updated: 26/08/2020