Workplace Activation

This program is as long as a piece of string. It can bring all your workplace health and wellbeing ‘stuff’ under one umbrella that will make sense to your employees and makes sense of your company values.

We can start by giving your existing health and wellbeing policies a once over or we can build something brand new. We can review your service providers and make recommendations on who to engage for the best outcomes. We can go beyond the hard hats and steel toe boots, knowing your employees financial, mental, social and physical health all impact their performance at work.

We will create a holistic and strategic health and wellbeing program ready for you to implement, or we can implement it for you. Looking after your people is a big job, and an important one and we have the tools, knowledge and experience to help you to do it properly. Want to print this off for your boss or People and Culture manager? No problems, we’ve got a flyer for that right here.

Just interested in online monthly health presentations for your team? We can also do that too

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Workplace Activation


The research is clear that creating a Healthy Workplace is good for business, however the process of creating and putting a plan into action can often be unclear and time consuming. Healthy Tasmania Pty Ltd has extensive experience developing, implementing and evaluating health and wellbeing strategies for Tasmanians in their work environment.

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Updated: 29/03/2022