Support for Women and Girls in Sport

Womensport and Recreation Tasmania (WSRT) is a not-for-profit organisation and the leading voice for female participation in sport and recreation in Tasmania.

We are committed to promoting and supporting involvement, achievement, excellence and equal opportunity for women and girls in sport and physical activity in Tasmania.

WSRT does this through:
– Advocacy & advisory services
– Partnerships
– Leadership
– Mentoring & support
– Community health promotion & education
– Policy development
– Programs, events & professional development training opportunities.

WSRT also runs the Get Active Program (GAP) which is a statewide initiative that promotes the benefits of exercise and supports people of all ages to be more physically active.

Our vision is that female participation and contribution to sport and recreational activity in Tasmania is equally valued and respected.

We welcome individuals and organisations to join WSRT to support our work to influence gender equality in sport and to foster the participation of women and girls in active, healthy lifestyles.

Who this service is for

Women and girls

How this service is delivered

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Updated: 12/07/2022

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