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Research shows that parents have an enormous influence over their child’s engagement with education.

“Formal education is just one of the many ways that children learn and develop. Learning begins well before children enter school, and once children enter school they continue to learn both inside and outside the classroom.”

“Parents play a critical role in providing learning opportunities at home and in linking what children learn at school with what happens elsewhere. By participating in learning interactions and activities outside the school, parents become important actors in the child’s learning.” (Parental engagement in learning and schooling: Lessons from research. A report by the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth for the Family-School and Community Partnerships Bureau).”

Parents and Kids Together helps to build this engagement through a 7 week school based creative arts group program. Parents and carers join their children to work on a shared project, perhaps a family castle, a rocket ship, or their own island paradise. Families are provided with mostly recycled materials that are inexpensive, easy to find, and easy to use to create their projects. The group is facilitated to emphasise individual and family strengths and to promote strong relationships. Participants are invited to set goals, plan, create, and reflect upon their projects in ways that emphasise their connections with each other.

The program
•Strengthens family relationships
•Builds connections within the group and the school community
•Develops communication and social skills
•Provides education about protective behaviours
•Builds self esteem
•Develops problem solving skills
...And is lots and lots of fun!

Who this service is for

Young people aged 6-12 and their families.



How this service is delivered

  • We'll come to you (outreach)

    We come to selected schools in Southern Tasmania.

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Updated: 05/08/2019

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