Jumpstart Driver Mentor program

We have 12 mentor drivers who are from a mix of backgrounds. These mentors volunteer their time from 2 hours per week, to help a learner drive get their license. Our mentors are supported with training – both in road safety and other areas (like Mental Health). Our mentors are volunteers and we also support Mutual Obligation too

Our learner drivers are from varying backgrounds too – aged from their teens to their 50’s, retirees, to working people to students. At about $6500 to get the required 80 hours with a driving school, being able to come to Jumpstart for FREE makes a huge difference in someone’s learning plans. We provide the car, pay for the petrol, you just need to put in the time!

Contact Gene on 6297 1616 about signing up to Jumpstart – either as a Learner or as a Mentor!

Who this service is for

Mentors – anyone with some time on their hands, and an open license, willing to help someone with their driving.

Learners – anyone on their L plates who needs hours and experience before sitting for their P Plates.



Opening Hours


How this service is delivered

  • Face-to-face

    Contact Gene on 6297 1616

  • Call or visit us online

    Please contact the centre for more information.

Updated: 05/10/2023

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