Elder Abuse Helpline

Having Your Say – Is someone you trust causing you harm?

We work with older people, and people with disability, who are experiencing abuse.

We are here to help. Abuse can take many forms, such as someone:
• using or taking your money without your permission
• controlling your finances
• physically hurting you
• stopping you from seeing family and friends
• calling you names or making threats
• preventing you from having food, shelter, clothing, medical care
• not allowing services to come to your home to provide care for you

Advocacy Tasmania is here to help.

How can we help?
Our advocates can help you understand your rights and options
For more information you can download our Help Sheet below.

‘Your Say’ advocacy is all about helping you to have YOUR say and be understood

Together, we could:
• Discuss what you’re unhappy about
• Look at some options for dealing with your situation
• Support you to make informed decisions
• Support you if you want to access help
• Make referrals for you but only if you want us to
• Help you to talk to other services

Best of all, everything we do for you is: free, confidential, independent, professional and directed by YOU!

You have the right to:
• Live free of abuse, neglect and to be safe
• Be treated with dignity and respect
• Be in charge of your life, your money and your possessions
• Make your own decisions, even if those decisions seem wrong to others
• Get help from us to sort things out!

Our Advocates will listen to your problem and concerns. They can give you information.

They will listen to what it is that YOU want.

‘Your Say’ advocacy is all about helping you to be heard and understood.

If you are unable to speak for yourself, or find it difficult, our Advocates can help you.

We can also help you with:
• Accessing services and advice you need
• Getting access to your information, such as from service providers and banks,
• Speaking up about your wishes
• Revoking Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardianship documents
• Accessing medical assessments

Who this service is for

We work with older people, and people with disability, who are experiencing abuse.



Opening Hours

The Helpline is available weekdays, 9am - 5pm, except public holidays.

How this service is delivered

  • Call or visit us online

    Free call 1800 005 131 or if you’re from interstate or on a mobile call (03) 6224 2240.
    You can text us on 0457 806 963, or email contact@yoursaytas.org
    Visit www.yoursaytas.org to find out more.

Elder Abuse Help Sheet

Concerned About Someone?

This Help Sheet is for anyone who would like to know more about what they can do to help an older person who may be mistreated or abused by a family member or other person in a trust relationship. It outlines what you can do and where you can go for further information.

Download Help Sheet

Updated: 04/05/2021