Be Connected

Learn a new skill from home, or at a nearby community organisation.
Join thousands of Australians who are taking our free courses on everything from how to access the internet, using your device and keeping in touch with others online.

Be Connected is an Australia wide initiative empowering all Australians to thrive in a digital world. We have online learning resources as well as a Network of community partners - the Be Connected Network - who offer in-person support so you can develop your digital skills and confidence. Find a local place for friendly help and advice, or join the Network to help others.

Discover how being online can add new skills and experiences to your life.

We have a topic library which includes:
- how do I access the internet?
- getting to know your device
- getting started online
- safety first.



How this service is delivered

  • Face-to-face

    Do you need someone to help you in person?

    You can pop into one of our many Network Partners to get some help in person. Click on the Find local help tab at the top of our website.

  • Call or visit us online

    Do you need to speak to someone?

    You can ring the Be Connected helpline on 1300 795 897.

Updated: 15/11/2019

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