Personal Safety Education for Children

Bravehearts aims to ‘Break the Silence’, provide healing and support, engender child sexual assault prevention and protection strategies; advocate for understanding and promote increased education and research.

Bravehearts’ Education and Prevention stream consists of the following:

Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show
The purpose of ‘Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show’ is to teach children protective behaviours in a non-confrontational, fun and engaging fashion. Bravehearts’ Education Teams deliver the show’s messages into schools & child care centres around Tasmania to provide students, parents, teachers, carers and the general community with specialised child sexual assault awareness and education.

‘Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure’ Education Program
This program aims to continue communicating essential personal safety messages and works tirelessly to reach children across Australia. The program will reach it’s 1,000,000th Australian child in 2019. Here in Tasmania we reached our 100,000th child and it was commemorated by Deputy Premier and Education Minister the Honorable Jeremy Rockcliff who attended the Program at Bracknell Primary School. Bravehearts looks forward to celebrating further milestones that provide protective behaviour messages to a wider audience and support children with the key objectives for their personal safety education.

The show’s main contents address:
Yes and No Feelings
Warning Signs
Scared and Yucky Feelings
Private Parts and Privacy
It’s OK to say NO if you don’t feel safe
What to do if you feel unsafe or unsure

In addition to the performance and to continue communicating Ditto’s personal safety messages, the team also provides an Activity Book for each student to take home and share with parents and carers.

Who this service is for

Children aged 3-8.

How this service is delivered

  • Call or visit us online

    Call us on (03) 6327 4704
    Or freecall 1800 272 831 to speak to the national office.

    Check the website for further information on the work of Bravehearts in the community.

  • We'll come to you (outreach)

    This service is delivered statewide in early learning centres and lower primary schools to children of all abilities

Updated: 26/07/2022

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