Get in2Gear – Learner Driver Mentoring

The Break O’Day Learner Driver Mentor Program (Get in2 Gear) program supports our community members who are having difficulty getting their driver’s licence. This could be for a range of reasons from not having access to a vehicle, to living in an isolated area, or not having someone willing to help you get your hours up.

The program is coordinated by us with help from volunteers in our community who guide the learner drivers through the road rules, driver safety and assist with their 30+ for L1 and 50 + for L2 on road hours until they are confident enough to go for their driving test.

If you would like to be a learner driver, you can download the application form below.

How this service is delivered

  • Call or visit us online

    You can give our office a call on 6376 7900 and we can guide you through the process.

    See our website for more information, or if you would like to join us as a mentor.

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Updated: 20/09/2022

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