Disability Shared and Supported Living

Find a place to live, and live the life you want.

Your Life Without Barriers team will partner with you to live as independently and as well as you can, with others or on your own.

Your personalised plan can include support with:

– Moving out for the first time, or moving into your next place
– Getting yourself ready for the day, eating healthily, and keeping fit and taking care of yourself
– Maintaining your home space the way you like it
– Living well with others and being involved in your local community
– Dealing with the responsibilities of living in your own home, such as buying groceries, paying bills and budgeting your money
– Developing new, and rediscovering old skills and passions, and having fun

How this service is delivered

  • Face-to-face

    Visit one of our offices to find out more

  • Call or visit us online

    Call us or see our website for more info

  • We'll come to you (outreach)

    We meet our clients, call us to discuss.

Updated: 15/02/2021

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