Business & Employment Southeast Tasmania

Business & Employment Southeast Tasmania Inc (BEST) is a community designed program, providing a localised, flexible, person-centred approach to delivering employment services to all in the community (including community members who may not be receiving Centrelink benefits).

The program is designed to link local people with local jobs and assist community members on their individual journey to further education and training and/or employment, including linking people with other services.
Together with the local Workforce Development Officer and Trade Training Centre, the Employment Hub will also act strategically, preparing locals of all ages to meet industry sector needs of the future.

Who this service is for

This Program is for all local residents of the South East region – Sorell, Clarency City, Glamorgan Spring Bay and Tasman Region.



How this service is delivered

  • Face-to-face

    Come and visit us at the Hub

  • We'll come to you (outreach)

    We visit a number of areas in the South East and are happy to visit clients in public setting. We are all about bringing our service closer to you.

Updated: 19/04/2023

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11 Fitzroy Street, Sorell TAS, Australia

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