Australian Red Cross Telecross

Telecross provides you with a daily telephone call to check on your wellbeing.  This provides peace of mind if you are at risk of an accident or illness that may go unnoticed, such as falling and being unable to call for help. The volunteer will check to see that you are well and provide a friendly voice to wake up to each morning.

If no one answers the call, Red Cross takes action to make sure you are ok.

Even if you have visitors during the week, a phone call first thing in the morning can make a difference if an emergency response is required.  The calls provide reassurance as well as help to maintain independence.

Who this service is for

Telecross is for people who live alone and are at risk of an accident or illness that may go unnoticed. In particular, people who:
– are frail and aged
– have a disability
– are housebound
– are recovering from an illness or accident

Telecross is also available to the carers of people who are eligible for the service. When family and carers are away, or if someone has just returned home after a hospital stay, Telecross can also be used on a temporary basis.

People can refer themselves or be referred by a relative, friend, health professional or a community service provider

Opening Hours

Calls are made each morning, 365 days of the year or as often as you would like.

How this service is delivered

  • Call or visit us online

    For more information about accessing Telecross as a client, please call Red Cross on 1300 885 698 or send us a message using the contact form on our website.

Updated: 14/12/2023