The Redo Project

The Redo project is an opportunity for young people to engage in a community project. The program offers Young People in Transition the chance to experience a working environment with productive outcomes, without the stressors of everyday working life. Participating in the project offers young people new skills to prepare for their future employment.

Who can attend the program? We encourage 16 - 20 year olds to contact us, if they are interested. The project engages 4 people at a time to ensure participants receive quality assistance. We offer a safe, supported environment that encourages team work, participation and positive attitudes. We are open to discussing the project with organisations, schools, agencies and individuals.

Your case or support worker can refer you to: The Salvation Army Arcadia Therapeutic Program. The program is coordinated by a Specialised Community Development Consultant. You will learn new skills in design through the support of a Master Artist or Trades person.

What else you will learn:
- How a social enterprise works and how to become an active participant
- How you can work safely in a team and with your extended community
- The development of a working project
- You will learn how to budget and understand business planning
- How to research and design your ideas
- Stock ordering and cataloguing items
- How to launch / market a product
- Build self-esteem and confidence
- Learn the skill of networking to increase your employment chances

Who this service is for

16 - 20 year olds

Opening Hours

Mondays - Wednesdays 10 - 3pm

Updated: 30/11/2020