Self-Care and Mental Wellbeing Workshop

This two-hour self-care and mental wellbeing workshop will provide the skills and resources to develop an individualised self-care and mental wellbeing plan that encompasses activities to enhance physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health on a daily basis.

The workshop will explore the concept of self-care and mental wellbeing, how to identify personal signs of stress and simple strategies that can be used to manage individual stress levels on an everyday basis.

Who this service is for

Whole Communities – All community members will benefit from this training.

This training is designed for all members of the community from 15 years of age and upwards, including individuals, groups, schools and organisations.


This service is often free due to grants and community donations. Each session will have this specified.

Opening Hours

Our offices are attended 9-5 most weekdays.

Due to the nature of our work we cannot guarantee that a person will be available in office at all times.
However, if you leave a phone message or send an email someone will get back to you within the week.

Accessibility Support

We aim to provide disability accessible amenities for our trainings where possible.

How this service is delivered

  • We'll come to you (outreach)

    We travel across Tasmania to deliver our training. Contact us to arrange training in your area.

Updated: 28/03/2022