Hepatitis Prevention Program

Hepatitis is a potentially serious illness, but it’s treatable with the right education and support.

The Hepatitis Prevention Program provides services to reduce viral hepatitis in Tasmania.

The ways we offer support includes:
- Helping people access testing for blood borne viruses (with a focus on Hep B and Hep C).
- Providing support for people as they undergo their Hep B and Hep C treatment
- Provide people with an understanding about transmission and ongoing prevention. For some this may include getting a Hep B vaccination.

You can download our flyer below.

Who this service is for

People living with or at risk of contracting Hepatitis.

How this service is delivered

  • Call or visit us online

    The Hepatitis Care and Support Service is available to clients primarily referred by Hepatology Clinics statewide.
    You can also ask your local GP for a referral or contact us directly and a worker can support you through the process.

Program Flyer

Download our Hepatitis Prevention Flyer for more information.

Download HPP Flyer

Updated: 12/08/2020