Grief & Loss Support Groups

These groups are for people struggling to work through complicated grief after:
- The death or disappearance of a loved one
- Breakdown of a long-term relationship
- Any other significant loss

These groups can be for women or for men depending on demand.

Support Groups run over 9 weeks with an Information Session held beforehand.

New Mornings Grief and Loss support groups are guided by trained facilitators. They provide a safe and supportive place for people to meet, share experiences, learn from & encourage each other.

There are opportunities to discuss a variety of issues, including: Feelings, Control, Honouring memories, Forgiveness and Transition.

Groups provides support, not therapy. They do not replace professional care by a doctor or counsellor.

Who this service is for

People struggling to work through complicated grief.

How this service is delivered

  • Call or visit us online

    To learn about upcoming groups and to register your interest please email us or phone our office on Monday or Tuesday mornings, or leave a message on our answering machine.

Updated: 24/09/2019

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